Change Data in a Field in Multiple Records

Ever had a colleague enter or import a journal and found that the description has the same type in 1,000 lines?

How about importing 5,000 customers and then needing to change the terms code for every user in the state of Texas?

There are several ways to change data in  multiple records:

  1. change every record individually – STOP ALREADY!
  2. change one record, then cursor down and press F8 – this is nice but will get silly after about the 10th record
  3. CLASSIC CLIENT ONLY – use the Replace option (Ctrl-H) from your Edit menu.  Just like in Excel, you can replace a value in every row in a given column from one value to another.  Notes:
    1. you can do this in any form (Yes, even a Card form).
    2. if for a table, and you have access to Object Designer, you can run a table and do the same
  4. Write a Processing report to cycle through all the records and change the value from one to another.  See the cookbook for an example.