Mergetool – Love it!

Still my all time favorite tool for working with Microsoft Dynamics NAV is MergeTool.

Long known as a tool for comparing customized objects in NAV, then providing the ability to merge changes into a new version, there are some aspects which I feel are overlooked.

  1. Scoping tool – no easier way to evaluate the impact of customizations on a customer database.  The Contrasts and Compare Logs provide an instant perspective on how much work has been done to modify and add objects in a database.
  2. Documentation aid – many developers remove the Modified flag and sadly some fail to update the version tag.  The Contrast will provide a true reading on whether an object has changed and allow one to update version tags and documentation triggers properly.
  3. Analysis tool – as I do not sell NAV anymore, my customers are all new to me when I start a project.  Sadly, most customizations done to NAV lack design documentation to help understand why a mod. was done.  Using the Where-Used features quickly reveals all the objects affected by a contrast.  Then some simple detective work will reveal why the object in question was added or modified.
  4. NAV Version coverage – while newer versions of NAV have some cool commands for merging object changes, Mergetool is still the only effective way of evaluating any NAV version, so still provides maximum ROI for developers who work with many customers.